The First Video

There have been a lot of firsts in our experiences aboard SV Sweet Ruca. Coming from the racing world we know a bit about sailing, but maintaining the boat has become our full time job. Preparing for a regatta gives you some time on land to organize and prepare yourself with endless resources just an Amazon click or a car trip to West Marine away. Preparing your cruising boat to move to a new port requires problem solving and constant attention, often with a lack of Internet service and supplies. 

Perhaps our favorite phrase we’ve learned is: “Cruising is just boat work in beautiful places”. It’s hard to summarize this experience in one phrase, but we are hoping to share this experience with you in the convenient form of video. Recording video for you allows you to live in the moment and see our “boat work in beautiful places” as we do. 

The boat was purchased at the beginning of 2019 and made her quick launch in July. We have been cruising and refitting her ever since! Because we’ve had a lot of “firsts” and learning to do, we have been putting video editing on the back burner. We plan to post videos of our journey in the truest form so that you may live vicariously through our adventures and get a taste of the highs and lows of cruising life. 

It would mean the world to us if you could share our experience as we hope to educate and inform and overall just LIVE in this crazy world with you all. The experience means so much more if we are able to bring you all along, so please reach out to us, like, share, and subscribe to our videos. The world is our home now, so don’t be a stranger!

Love SV Sweet Ruca

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