What #ThatFeeling of Sailing Means to Us

When we take in the sights and the smells of the world, we get a feeling. 

We often find ourselves revisiting these sights and smells, day dreaming at the office of when we can next feel the wind in our hair, see the water rush past the hull, and breath in the fresh, salty air from the ocean.

Sailing Sweet Ruca Offshore

When we first step foot onto that unstable surface of the boat, it gives us that feeling of excitement, that we are leaving our life behind for a brief moment and focusing solely on what’s ahead. 

We are boaters because we love that feeling of pride in the vessel that keeps us afloat. We are sailors because we have that feeling of calm when the wind bites at the edges of our eyes and whistles through the rig to our ears. It’s that feeling when the boat rolls up on a wave and straightens back out, sending you flying down the liquid roller coaster, white foam all around you, and a smile forms at the corner of your lips. 

We are explorers because we realize that life is a never ending classroom, with so much to learn. That feeling of reaching a new destination or accomplishing a goal is the reward for all your hard work and effort, studying the weather or tides or sail trim. 

Whether you’re leaving the bay on a Wednesday night after work for a few hours of sailing before sundown, or casting off the dock lines for a circumnavigation around Cape Horn, we all crave #ThatFeeling of being out on the water. 

We are boaters. We are sailors. We are explorers. We support each other like family. It’s #ThatFeeling of community that keeps us going back out there, finding new crew, making new friends for a sundowner, or handing over the wheel to a first-timer. 

When we add fresh paint to the hull and watch her launch for the first time after a lot of hard work, we get #ThatFeeling of gratitude. And for us, it’s a big thanks to Akzonobel and their International paints for providing beautiful coatings that make the boat look great and perform its best. Because of our fresh Galverette, Intergard, Intertuf, and Micron Premium paints on our bottom, we have confidence in the next stage of our journey sailing towards Cape Horn. 

We are out here to find #ThatFeeling of knowing the world on a deeper level. To experience #ThatFeeling of excitement day in and day out. Share with us what #ThatFeeling of boating means to you. 

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