Calculators, Spreadsheets, and Resources

These are calculators and spreadsheets we have created to help us while sailing aboard s/v Sweet Ruca. We are sharing them with you in the hopes that they may help you as well. If you decided to share or modify them for your use, we would appreciate it if you give us credit.

Heeling Force Calculator

Used for calculating the size of your sails and reefing points based on wind speeds and estimated heel.

Off the Grid Power Budget

Used for calculating battery amp hour needs and solar, wind, hydro, and alternator/generator needs for your sailboat, RV, tiny home, or other off-the-grid living platform.

Future To Do:

Provisioning Spreadsheet

Sailing Log Spreadsheet

Polar Files

Maintenance and Inventories


If there are any spreadsheets you would like to share, let us know, we can post them for you to help others as well. If you see any issues with ours or see an area that can be improved, we would be happy to hear your input.

Please keep in mind, we are not perfect. We can not be responsible for any typos or formula errors in any of these documents. They are here for you, free to use at your own risk.

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