[Ep. 24] Does SAILING Solve Everything?

We up anchor and sail off into the blue, looking for a better place. It is time to SAIL our problems AWAY! We think we have found an island paradise until….we woke up to noises in the cockpit. Have we been BOARDED by an INTRUDER?

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Come sail away with us to the island of St. Croix where we travel away from our feelings and have a little vacation from life on the boat. Located in the US Virgin Islands, STX is the largest but least visited of the islands in the USVI.

This is a particularly satisfying video for us as we tackle some relationship issues brought about by tiny house living and the digital nomad lifestyle. Our sailboat is our tiny home, and a sail life is what we live as we create and share our video travel vlog. We are re-learning how to sail and be at sea together during the quarantine lockdown.

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