[Ep. 27] WE FOUND IT! :-) – Sailing with Friends in the Virgin Islands

We finally find what we have been looking for as we sail the blue waters around St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. We are sending it (life is fun) to the max!

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Our last hurrah in STX before we make the long passage south and leave our friends for hurricane season in Grenada.

To get there we sail from St. Thomas in a Sahara dust storm. With heavy winds, we sail with the genoa only and keep the mainsail in its stack pack to keep red dust from getting it dirty.

We also check out a fort and take some cool video shots of Fredriksted and the pier with the DJI Mavic Pro drone.

We spent time exploring the island by car (van life style road trip rental car off-roading) to get the view from the top.

We fully immerse ourselves in the rain forest from its highest peak of 1160 ft and in the sea 100 feet below the water scuba diving. Your standard travel vlog youtube channel type stuff.

Before we left we wanted to go for one last sail with some of the great people we met. We headed out for a sunset and evening sail to the south side of St. Croix with our friends Jake and David (Blog: https://www.texastoochile.blogspot.com Youtube : dww0013)

We had a blast, and got a little funny, ending the night sailing under the blue spreader lights and anchoring in the dark.

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