[Ep. 30] BOOBIES on Board! – Welcome to the Jungle

We finally get to see boobies! Kate goes Bele dancing with the girls. Curtis sails singlehanded while flying the drone. We head into the jungle to feed the monkey with new friends. Sailing, rum, sun, and fun, is there more to sailing life?

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This is the real cruising life aboard Sailing Sweet Ruca. Even though our transatlantic voyage is on hold we don’t stop having fun and continue the adventure in a beautiful new country. In this satisfying video, we test negative for da’vid and get to escape the quarantine anchorage. We met some new sailing couple friends from SV Dragonfly and SV Kuma Too. Join us as we explore the island of Grenada from the top to the bottom. As the title says, if you hang in there to the end you will get to see boobies! 😉

Special Guests:

SV Kuma Too: Mandi & Joe

The crew from Kuma Too charters their Leopard 47 in St. Thomas USVI as they work toward their around-the-world sailing plans. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvgJoOMfDY8EiOJ0TpXALw

SV Dragonfly: Jen & Ryan This power couple is cruising the Caribbean with their daughter aboard their Leopard 46 catamaran. Link: http://www.addyatsea.com/about-me.html

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