[Ep. 19] Are We CRAZY? Sailing in GALE FORCE Winds – 700mi to USVI

The Thorny Path…no way! We send it downwind in a gale to attempt to sail nonstop from Eleuthera Bahamas to St. Thomas USVI. We go from foul weather gear to bathing suits, again! This isn’t the way the books say to cruise, but we think we found a better way. Did we?

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In this episode, we are fully offshore for 5 days straight of sailing life. We hit top speeds of over 15 knots. We take showers in the rain. Rip a spinnaker. Catch some amazing Mahi and Wahoo. Have lots and lots of fun! Want to find out how-to sail offshore or around the world? Come with us and we will show you!


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