Renogy Solar Panels Unboxing Video – Uncut

We received and unboxed our Renogy solar panels and charge controller. We power our sailboat with a combination of solar, wind, diesel (engine alternator). This is our first uncut impression as we unboxed the solar we ordered. There were 410 watts of solar panels all together (5x 50w and 1x 160w), a Rover LI 60 charge controller, and a bluetooth adapter along with cables and connectors. We have this connected to 6x Renogy 100 LifePO4 batteries. Our review of our solar system after 6 months? So far so good. Everything works well together, however we never get the max output of solar due to shading on our sailboat (we knew this going in and it is OK). We hope to add more solar panels to our tiny home in the future to power our digital nomad lifestyle 🙂

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