Sailing Sweet Ruca Vlog – Leg 2 – First Sail | Narragansett Bay to the Atlantic Ocean off the Coast of Newport RI

While I’m still getting the hang of video editing and learning new programs, I really enjoyed making this video.

This video shows only limited clips of our first days in the water. There is so much more to show but only so long of a video to keep you engaged! When we first went in the water, we did not have our mainsail cars so we could not hoist our mainsail! The first day in was a bit foggy anyway (as tends to happen in the northeast) and we decided to just motor around Narragansett Bay, RI and get a feel for her. We are used to open-cockpit boats with tillers so a large wheel took a little getting used to.

Once we got the correct main cars we set sail up the bay towards East Greenwich, a beautiful little state park with weeknight dinghy races. We had fun practicing with the anchor since, as racers, we rarely used the hunk of metal that usually sits on the bottom of a boat. It took us a while to get used to leaving the boat at anchor without us on it, so we would get to shore and keep an eye on her as our first baby steps. Eventually, we practiced with different anchor alarm apps and would extend our time away little by little.

We were thirsty for more, especially Curtis, and decided to head to Third Beach, just outside of the bay facing the Atlantic Ocean. We got a little taste of ocean swell and solid breeze for the very first time. The boat was so smooth and enjoyable to sail. For me, it was difficult to get used to large boat maneuvers, but this first sail was a good test. After a night in Third Beach, we decide to head north to Maine.

For our Patrons on, we plan to post extra footage of our time in Narragansett Bay, exclusively.

Our next public video should be the start of our experience in Maine, passing through the Cape Cod Canal- a very cool experience.

Please enjoy our “second leg” below!

Until next time!


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