[Ep. 29] Unplanned Detour – New Stop on Route to Sail Around the World

This country was never on our original route to sail around the world, but because of……..you know, it becomes part of our sailing and travel journey. We sail into a new harbor and do time in quarantine before checking into the Caribbean island of….

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After being offshore, sailing in the blue water on a fast 2 day reach from the USVI to Grenada, we arrive and spend almost a fortnight in quarantine.

In this satisfying video, we do some sailing, but you get to see a lot of us making funny videos while stuck on the boat for over a week at anchor. You know what’s awesome about being at anchor in for that long?

There is no CNN, no MSNBC, no Fox News, no parties, no drama. It’s just the two of us and the asmr sounds of the ocean and birds, Kate playing beautiful music as she is learning the guitar, and enjoying sunsets and nature.

We have a smooth sail and show the checking in the process via MAYAG into Grenada. It was overall a good and motivational experience! (A note, now you need to use SailClear).

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