Scuba Diving: Drift Diving the Reefs Off Grande Anse Beach – Grenada

We backroll into another drifting reef dive along with our new friends from Sailing Catamaran Mana and ScubaTech.

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This time we are on the reefs off of Grande Anse Beach. This area is right in front of the major resort area on the south west side of the island. It is fairly protected from waves, but there is considerable current. This is two dives meshed into one. Both are in the depth range of 35-50 feet.

We had a camera problem on the first dive, so we came up with some poor and almost unusable footage. The second dive turned out great, so we mostly used this footage, but spliced in a few from dive one. What happened?

Well, the go-pro waterproof cover was taken off on the boat for a bit to grab some audio and we think a little water got in and caused condensation on the lens, making the video foggy. There is lots of amazing coral, sponges, ocean, and marine life in these videos.

We see spiny Caribbean lobster, flutter fish, butterfly fish, file fish, creole wrasse, cow fish, and lizard fish.

Friends: SV Mana: ScubaTech:

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