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There are lots of products that we use to keep our boat going and keep us in contact with the outside world. This post will share those things and may have links for referrals. We hope to update this post as we find new things that make our sailing and vlogging lives easier, and we hope they can help you too. If you intend to buy one of the products we use, please use the links below to help fund our journey.

Google Fi

After much research on phone plans, we finally came down to Google Fi as the best option, with T-Mobile a close second. Verizon wanted $10 per day to keep our plan working internationally, which would equate out to over 400 dollars per month when it was all said and done. Google Fi allows us to vary our subscription from $36 to $120 for the two of us. We will keep you updated on the pros and cons as we visit more countries.

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Predictwind with Iridium Go

I have been using Predictwind since the early years as a racer. Although for racing, we get a lot more detailed with additional models in routing software that we don’t have access to in the Predictwind Offshore app, for cruising, you really can not beat this service. It may seem expensive up front, but good weather data and routing info saves wear and tear on the boat, saves fuel, and keeps the crew happy. We have had good success using the combination of PW and the Iridium Go! We will likely write a full blog post about this later.

Referral Link: Check back often, as we will add more and more here. We hope to list everything from anchors and sails to pots and pans and video cameras. Stay tuned!

Expedition Software

This is more racing-oriented, but we use it while cruising and it is very effective. It has won us lots of races. No referral link or sponsorship money here, just props for an awesome product with the support that goes above and beyond. If you want to take chart plotting, navigation, and weather forecasting/routing to the next level, this is. Join it with an iPad and remote desktop on deck and you have the basis of a system the best offshore racing boats use.


Other Items

Rocna Anchor – Keeps us locked to the bottom while we sleep or go ashore. So far we are really happy with it.

Go-Pro Hero 7 – We bought this because it has 4k ability with a great built-in image stabilization feature. We hope that our videos can be less shaky for you.

Akaso Camera – This is a GoPro like knock off. They are really cheap on Amazon, and so far we have had this camera for a few years and it keeps on ticking. Quality is OK, and if we lose it overboard we won’t cry too much.

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