We Couldn’t Have Said it Better

Sometimes it can be hard to talk about yourself, especially for natural introverts like us. We aren’t used to this sort of attention.

Linked Article: https://themirrornewspaper.com/aw-graduate-sails-world-documents-adventures/

We are not living in a row of little boxes with a mortgage, car payment, and regular jobs. This makes us somewhat of a curiosity to others.

Understandably so, we think our lifestyle is pretty cool too. It feels good to have this freedom. We have made it a goal to inspire others to get outside the box and go for their own goals.

We have had to work hard to overcome our nervous feelings about talking to a camera and sharing our thoughts and lifestyle with complete stangers.

Enter a reporter from a small midwestern newspaper. Most people outside of a few hundred mile radius can’t find Whitehouse, Ohio (where Curtis went to High School) on a map. Surely they would never think of reading it’s small local newspaper called The Mirror.

We hope to change that also. Their reporter, Karen Gerhardinger, put together an exellent article which answers all of the questions one should ask.

Many reporters just glaze over topics to create content as quickly as possible. Fill boxes, create keywords, and drive traffic is the goal.

Not Karen, she truly took a deep and holistic dive into our history, sailing, and safety.

Her series of articles about people whom graduated from Anthony Wayne High School have the goal of inspiring others from a small midwestern town to do, see, and be more. Even if you hail from a town far away, they are worth a read.

We hope you enjoy her article: https://themirrornewspaper.com/aw-graduate-sails-world-documents-adventures/

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